Well hello there! I am so happy you found my page... specifically this one. However, it seems nearly impossible to summarize my story on a simple "about me page" which is exactly why I have decided to WRITE A BOOK!

But for now, let me summarize...

I started my business the same year I had my daughter at just 21 years old. My life as an entrepreneur has been anything but easy, taking risks and believing in myself is what got me where I am today.

After ten years of owning a successful clothing boutique, it's safe to say I shocked everyone, including my family, when I decided to close the doors. 

I felt STUCK in a fast fashion world that didn't align with the slow and simple life I had been craving.

After I closed the boutique earlier this year, I knew I wanted to stay connected with my community and continue to help others.

I have spent the last several months working with fellow small business owners. I know how lonely it can be, life as an entrepreneur.

My mission as a coach is to help others simplify their schedules, take back their time and grow a business they feel proud of. 

I currently have TWO coaching offers:

The Friendly Entrepreneur aka TFE

The entrepreneur space I have always dreamed of. A place to go to for questions, support and constant inspiration. Weekly LIVE trainings, Q+A and a community of like minded entrepreneurs to connect with!

VIP Coaching

Everything included with TFE...

PLUS 1:1 coaching sessions with Nicole that include a custom plan and strategy for you and your business... limited spots available.

Prioritizing YOUR happiness is something I always speak about with my clients and my community, taking my own advice I have been designing and delivering bouquets. I proudly claim the title "Florist for FUN!"

Writing my first book has been taking up most of my time, it's been so amazing being able to reflect on my journey and I can't wait to share this with you so soon!