Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Sales

Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Sales

When thinking about increasing your sales, I want you to get back to the basics. Where you show up online is important to potential customers being able to find you. Even more important, though, is how you show up. And I’m going to share three ways that will help get eyes on you and your products or services and help increase your sales.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about building trust with potential clients, getting really clear on your message and your offerings, and making sure that it’s easy for interested customers to click on a link that takes them to sign up for your course, book a 1:1 call, or buy your products.

All three of these tips involve putting yourself in your customers shoes. It doesn’t happen overnight, but understanding their journey and how you’re presenting yourself and then delivering on those things can help you convert people who are watching your content into paying customers.

If anything from this episode sparks you or you want to share any tips of your own, DM me @morethannicolej on Instagram! I love to chat with you all!


In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • [03:06] Why it’s important to focus on the strategy needed to increase sales (more than the avenues you use)
  • [05:00] Why you want to build trust with potential clients, what that has to do with increasing sales, and how to do it
  • [08:08] Getting clear on your message and offerings and what you do, how writing it down helps solidify your goals, and how an FAQ document can be helpful
  • [11:14] Why posting your links in multiple places is important, and why repetitive with links is actually a good thing 
  • [14:29] Understanding your customers’ journey from “start to continue,” as I like to say


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