How to Make Your Inventory-based Business More Profitable with Ciara Stockeland

How to Make Your Inventory-based Business More Profitable with Ciara Stockeland

It’s been a while since I’ve done an interview, and I’m excited to bring this one to you today.

If you feel overwhelmed by finances and numbers and money in your business, you’re far from alone. And if you own an inventory-based business, you may think you need to scale in ways that actually aren’t necessary. 

Today I’m chatting with Ciara Stockeland, expert profitability coach for inventory-based business owners. She’s talking about why she focuses on financial literacy and profitability, how she helps her clients define success using the profit first method, and how a coach can help you get on track with your finances and your goals.

She’s also sharing how you can start taking the steps to pay better attention to your money and align with the goals you have for your business.

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In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • [07:55] How Ciara operates as a business coach and why she helps inventory-based small business owners with financial literacy and profitability
  • [14:44] How Ciara helps her clients discover their definition of success and profitability (beyond chasing a dollar amount just because), and how the profit first method works
  • [23:38] Common money struggles of Ciara’s business owner clients, and why hiring a coach is an investment (not an expense)
  • [28:21] How you can work with Ciara, and her advice for actions you can take now to get more comfortable with your numbers

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Meet Ciara

Ciara Stockeland is an author, speaker and 2x Ironman. She has owned and operated businesses since her early teens. Most recently Ciara has launched the Inventory Genius, a coaching program for inventory based business owners.

She has twice had the opportunity to testify before two U.S. Senate Committees regarding the “joint employer” standard for businesses and its effect on small businesses and franchises. Additionally, in 2015 she represented small businesses at a White House Summit on Worker Voice and again in 2018 for a Summit on Economics.

Ciara has been recognized as a Small Business Champion through SCORE, has held a seat on the United States Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council and is a Profit First Certified Coach. Through her coaching program, Ciara strives to motivate business owners to build profitability and peace of mind into their business.

In her free time Ciara enjoys training for endurance races and most recently completed her second Ironman in Juneau, Alaska. She currently resides in Tennessee with her husband, Jim, and her Great Pyrenees, Bentley.


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