My guest today is a fellow female entrepreneur and mama. She is passionate about helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle fueled with good foods and lots of movement. Selfishly I’m excited for this conversation today because I need all the tips and tricks in this area.

In this podcast episode, I’m interviewing my friend (since middle school!) Brittany Saxton. Brittany, owner of The Mindful Body Balance, is a lifestyle nutrition and fitness coach. She explains why easing into a healthy routine and ditching the negative relationship with food will set you up for success.  

What’s in this episode:

  • How Brittany and Nicole Met. 
  • Foundational Pieces to Living a Healthy Lifestyle. 
  • Losing the Negative Relationship With Food.
  • Habit Stacking Your Way to Success. 
  • Why There Is No One "Diet" or Fitness Program.
  • Celebrating Non Scale Victories. 



Brittany was born and raised in the small state of Delaware, and resides in Wilmington with her husband, fur son Lincoln, daughter Sienna, and soon to be adding a second baby girl to the family! She is a lifestyle nutrition and fitness coach who works with individuals to help them overcome their wellness challenges inclusive of, but not limited to, weight loss plateaus, symptoms from auto-immune disease, and gut health dysfunction. She knows everyone is so different and their bodies are, too. They deserve a unique approach when it comes to helping them feel their best, both physically and mentally. 

It is important for her as a coach to approach each client and their plan individually to ensure the work they are doing aligns with them. There is no one "diet" or fitness program that works for everyone, and she makes sure to identify the diet and workout that works best for the client, leaving them to thrive from the inside out, both in the short and long term!! 

IG: @brittsaxtonutrition

Personal FB: Brittany Saxton

Business FB: https://fb.me/brittsaxtonutrition

FB Public Group: The Mindful Body Balance

Email: hello@brittanysaxton.com

Business: www.brittanysaxton.com

Text STRONG to 302-303-5895 for weekly inspiration/accountability, tips, resources, etc.

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